Power Management
PMU Series
The Product DescriptionModelThe Basic Parameters
Single channel DC-DC buck + double channel LDOLN5066Dual LDO: input 2.0-10.0v, lout=300mA, LSS =70uA,PSRR= 70db@1kjz
Dual channel dc-dc buck
LN5070Dc-dc: input 2.0-6.0v,LOUE=600mA,f= 1.2mhz, efficiency up to 90%, output voltage adjustable, MSOP-10
Single chip moving voltageLN1001

Lithium battery charging management: PWM control-dc topology, charging current up to 2A

DC-DC boost: input 1.6V-6.0V, lout=1.5A, the maximum efficiency up to 95%

4 lithium battery power display function, flashlight function and single key control function, SOP16, QFN4* 4-20l